In order to install the Ultrastream on your counter-top you'll need a faucet with a standard aerator on it like the picture below so the the Ultrastream water diverter can attach to it. Install your UltraStream on the counter-top by simply unscrewing your faucet's aerator and attaching the UltraStream’s flow diverter. Adapters are included to fit most faucets. To get all your installation questions answered, visit:

The UltraStream under-sink mounting kit has everything you need to mount your UltraStream under the sink and have a beautiful special "vented" brushed nickel vented faucet to pour from on top. You MUST use our vented faucet. Without it, you'll blow a pipe which we can not be responsible for. To get all your questions about installation options answered visit:

If you have a pull-out spray head on your faucet like below, you'll need the Ultrastream "bundle" which can be found here: